Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cause Marketing Reflections:

Zane: Save a child is a really good organization and I know from personal experience because six of my siblings are adopted. I know that their life before was not a very pleasant one. I know that there are children like them out there looking for a family and save a child can get them a family. It is because of organizations like save a child that they are being put into homes that will take care of them. These are some of the reasons that I like and support save a child.

Haeden: I went into this project not knowing much about the foster system, this cause sounded good and I don't know many people involved.  Those I do know act like they hate the foster system, and I can understand why, everything about it is wrong.  Too many children are left out and abused by the foster system.  The people in my life who support adoption, and who adopt children seem to be great people, and more people should adopt if they can.

Stockton: I have read a lot of stories on the harshness of foster care, one of my friends who for many years I didn't know who was in foster care, and he always seemed to be having issues. Not only that, but I hear many different stories on kids who have died and been abused to pulp. I figured Why? don't I try and make a difference to those kids who've died and try to send a message to save them so they don't "age out" with all the abuse and crap they face.